The Healing Studio


In addition to Photography as my creative outlet I am a Reiki Master and certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor. Are you looking to destress or enter a state of deeper relaxation? Maybe a current/past issue is holding you back or from feeling your best? Or you are unclear where your blocks are? Consider Reiki or IET®

As an intuitive healer I offer private confidential heart led sessions to assist you. Receive Reiki or IET energy to relax, refresh, or refocus. Or to go deeper. Learn more and be part of your own healing experience. Please contact me to schedule an appointment or to discuss which may be best for you.


Reiki Session New Client - $100

Reiki Session - $85

Reiki Distance Healing - $55

Reiki for Pets Session - please contact me

What to expect: Client lays fully clothed on a table while I use gentle hands on the body. I direct Reiki healing energy towards unblocking and balancing the energy in your body and spirit body to restore physical and emotional well being. Client may feel deep relaxation, mild physical sensations, deep inner peace with insight, or renewal and strength to continue their healing process.

Reiki for Pets - I offer sessions to work with animals. Animals with health concerns, traumatic experiences, emotional/anxiety issues or nearing end of life can benefit from Reiki energy.

Integrated Energy Therapy®

IET Session New Client - $100

IET Session - $85

IET Distance Healing - $55

What to expect: Client lays on a table fully clothed. Light hand touch is applied at energy centers around the body. IET promotes healing in all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. I work with IET energy to lift and clear deep blockages out through the layers of body’s energy field and release them. Client may feel movement of light energy, feelings of beautiful support or release during your session.