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In addition to Photography, as my creative outlet, I am a Usui Reiki Master and certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor. Are you looking to de-stress or enter a state of deeper relaxation? Maybe a current/past issue is holding you back or from feeling your best? Or you are unclear where your blocks are?

As an intuitive energy healer I offer private customized sessions to assist you. I am here to help you relax, refresh, or refocus. Or to go deeper. Contact me to learn more and be part of your own healing experience. 


Reiki/IET Session - $90

A.I offer customized client-guided healing sessions which run 1-1.5 hours. Client lays on a table fully clothed. Light hand touch is applied at energy centers around the body. Directing Reiki healing energy towards unblocking and balancing the energy centers in your body restores physical and emotional well being. While IET energy benefits all areas of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves to lift and clear deep blockages out through the layers of body’s energy field and releases them. I may also incorporate vibrational healing tools as part of my sessions.

Reiki/IET Distance Healing - $60

A.Travel to me is difficult? I can offer my services remotely. Session typically lasts 40 minutes with a follow up phone call.

Reiki for Pets Session - please contact me

A.I offer sessions to work with animals. Pets with health concerns, traumatic experiences, emotional/anxiety issues or nearing end of life can benefit from Reiki energy. I work with pets in the comfort of their own home or through Distance.

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