"I walk away lighter, happier and full of love"

I have had many treatments with Karen where I have shown up in pain. Her ability to understand pain in the body and energetic body, know how to move the energy and to help fix me is one of a kind and very effective. I walk away lighter, happier and full of love. I am so pleased with how much energy can be shifted in a short about of time.


"I felt centered, clear and light"

I had an amazing healing session with Karen. Her presence is warm and welcoming. I was able to relax deeply on her table. When my time was complete, I felt centered, clear and light. A truly gifted and knowledgeable practitioner. I recommend an energy healing session with her.

— J.B.

“She helped me restore and reclaim my calm.”

As a mother of three active teens, I was feeling physically and emotionally drained after a few hectic months. A friend recommended Karen to me. Due to my schedule we could not meet in person. She suggested Distance Reiki. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try. We spoke at length and scheduled a quiet time. Karen had an amazing way of guiding me to make me feel comfortable, which allowed me to relax and open up. She helped to flush away all the negative energy I had been carrying. She helped me restore and reclaim my calm.

— S. J.

"A weight has been lifted..."

My healing experience was exactly that...healing. A weight has been lifted, and I have been more relaxed and sleeping better. I feel more centered.

— T.F.